It is happening…

three construction and conservation work fronts, over 50 workers, excavators, conveyor belts, extreme weather conditions, difficult access and the constant danger of falling walls … that’s it in a nutshell With pride we admire the successive rooms being demolished or the Donjon moat being unearthed… With even greater pride we observe the reaction of the […]

Night-time sightseeing – May

The night tour is an adventure lasting about two hours, during which you and your soldier-guide set off on a journey through dark corridors. Armed with the light of lamps you will pass through the most interesting casemates as well as corridors not accessible during daytime tours. You will have the courage to move forward […]

May Day at the Silver Mountain Fortress

All those who are adventurous, interested in history, nature lovers and beautiful views – in short, a lot of fun will be waiting for them at the Srebrna Góra Stronghold😁. Outstanding guides/soldiers will show you around this largest mountain fortification in Europe. And we guarantee, they won’t spare any powder💣💣💣. And once you’ve explored the […]

Attention, attention!!!

The tourist season is approaching, and with it – incidents of putting hands in the barrel are on the rise. The Department of Essentials of the Silver Mountain Fortress warns: Putting dirty hands in the cannon barrel risks contaminating the cannon!!! But other than that, it’s fun!!! We invite you. The Fortress is open daily […]

Shotgun Sunday

Already on April 24, 2022 the fortress will shake in its foundations!!! This Sunday artillerymen will show everyone what they can💪 and how looks a soldier’s life!!!We’ll take you back to the times of the 18th century fortress, you’ll see how the soldier’s life looked like. Many attractions will be waiting for the visitors of […]

Treasures, treasures, treasures we find here every day ‼

The treasure hunt never ends at the Fortress. 🪙⛏Another digging and another batch of puzzling finds, and these are mysterious fragments of crockery…who ordered this plate? Who drank from this tankard? And this is a puzzle from a broken board with gothic inscriptions. Together we work for a green, competitive and inclusive Europe.The project “Revitalization […]

Space rocket launch

We already know the location of the space rocket launch site from NASA’s latest project. According to analyses, locating the launch site in Fortress is the most advantageous for the success of the mission. NASA is very interested in supporting the renovation of the Fortress for future flights and announces long-term cooperation. For local residents, […]

Night sightseeing – April

With a proven weapon companion by your side, even traversing the corridors of the Fortress at night doesn’t seem scary🤩 It’s a challenge, yes. But it’s not the kind of challenge we face every day💣. NIGHT SURVIVAL OF THE SILVER MOUNTAIN TOWNSHIP 🌕🌖🌗🌑🌓🌔 arouses the awe of the participants every time as they make their […]

Spring begins at the Fortress

There are clear symptoms: ➡ Snow is gone (almost everywhere😛). ➡ Temperature is rising: outside 9-12 deg C./ inside no change 😛 9 deg C. ➡ The soldiers have felt the warm rays of the sun and as soon as the commander lets them out of his sight, they are lounging on the heated bench. […]