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Ancient Crafts Demonstrations


🎉🌟🎈🚀 Our event “Ancient Crafts Show” is a real space-time jump into the past, full of unusual experiences and emotions. 😃🚀

It’s not just the end of summer, it’s a trip back in time that will leave you with beautiful memories forever, so let’s do something about it. We will introduce you to old professions and crafts that are now a real rarity. You will be able to take on the role of craftsmen yourselves and try your hand at pottery making, weaving, forging forgings or even making your own paper! This is a chance to discover hidden talents, but also to learn unusual things. 🎨🛠️🧶📜

Not only adults, but also the youngest will find something for themselves. For them we have prepared special attractions that will fill their day with smiles and joy, but that’s not all! 🤹‍♂️🎈🤗

Check out our tempting schedule:

🕦 11:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. – Demonstrations of ancient crafts and workshops, including paper making, forging, weaving and pottery.

🕛 12:00 – Opening of the Exhibition of Norwegian Ancient Crafts – presentation by Per Halvorsen (Donjon audiovisual hall).

🕐 13:00 – Concert by the Band “While What”, which will provide you with an unforgettable musical experience. 🎶🎤

🕝 14:30 – Concert of the Rock Band “On Wings”, which will awaken your energy and provide a truly rocking atmosphere! 🎸🤘

Join us at the Silver Mountain Fortress and let’s create beautiful memories together! Don’t miss this special event! 🏰🎉🌟🚀

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Together we are working towards a green, competitive and inclusive Europe. 

The project ‘Revitalisation for cultural and educational purposes of degraded and inaccessible parts of the Silver Mountain Fortress Historical Monument’ is implemented within the framework of the EEA Financial Mechanism 2014-2021. 

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