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Twierdza Srebrna Góra

Children’s Day in the Fortress

That is why we invite you to the Children’s Day at the Silver Mountain Fortress, which for a change we will be celebrating on 3 JUNE. Yes, yes. We know that it is Corpus Christi, but almost all of us have time off and it is therefore an ideal opportunity for a family trip with many unforgettable moments for the children. And when the children are out and about, they will go to sleep quickly and then you, dear parents, will be able to… finish watching the show. Anyway, do we have to explain such things to you 🙂 Coming back to June 3, a lot of attractions are waiting for you, fun to the very ears. There will be face painting and playing with animation slings. There will be no shortage of sports competitions. What would a Children’s Day be without soap bubbles – so there will be plenty of that too. And who will have a desire to conjure up various creatures from balloons. And then there is the minidisco and inflatables, which cannot be omitted.
We will party until 7 p.m. It will be great. Bring your children and come to the Silver Mountain Fortress on June 3rd.
At the same time for the whole day you will be able to visit the fortification in the company of excellent guides/soldiers. You are welcome.

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