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Experience the Fortress from a different perspective!

Impreza integracyjna

If you are an entrepreneur looking for an ideal place to organise corporate events or want to celebrate important moments with family and friends, we are sure that the Silver Mountain Fortress will delight you in this matter too.

Our offer includes:
🌟 Corporate events: You know it’s the perfect venue for training, conferences, workshops and other corporate events. We provide inspiration.

🎉 Team-building events: Our team-building events are the perfect opportunity to strengthen the bonds between employees. We want your company to be more in tune than ever.

🎈 Private events: if you dream of a unique way to celebrate important moments, Silver Mountain Fortress is the place where your dreams become reality. Our experienced team will take care of every detail to make your event unforgettable.

🏰 History and nature: we remind you that the Silver Mountain Fortress is a place full of extraordinary history and surrounded by beautiful nature. Our picturesque views and unforgettable atmosphere are still waiting for you.

If you are ready to find out more or book a date for your event, please contact us.
👉 Phone contact: 690 026 449
👉 Email:

We want to continue our journey together and make your days even more special!
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Together we are working towards a green, competitive and inclusive Europe.
The project ‘Revitalisation for cultural and educational purposes of degraded and inaccessible parts of the Silver Mountain Fortress Historical Monument’ is implemented within the framework of the EEA Financial Mechanism 2014-2021.

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