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plakat znajdź czas na nas

And how are you after Christmas❓❓
Bellies full, all family topics discussed, politics didn’t divide, and Christmas brought under the tree what you’ve been dreaming of ❓ 🎄🎁🎅
We also received a gift 🎁 😁
The end of the year gave us the result of the last procedure for the organisation of a series of cultural and educational events within the framework of the project entitled “Revitalisation for cultural and educational purposes of degraded and inaccessible parts of the Historic Monument of the Silver Mountain Fortress”. , implemented from the Culture Programme under the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism 2014-2021.
This task is undertaken by Sun&More sp. z o.o., based in Szczecin. For a gross amount of PLN 592,860.00 until 31 March 2024, the experts will help us, among other things, to involve the inhabitants of the municipality in the active participation in the creation of events, show the possibilities of developing cultural entrepreneurship in the region, in particular services complementary to culture and tourism. We will continue, and certainly even more strongly, to showcase an interesting variety of cultural offerings, including in the supra-regional scope.
What awaits us all❓
👉Educational events – within the framework of the event, presentations and activities are planned referring to: the anniversary of the 3rd May Constitution and Flag Day, the history of the place from the mining times), the times of the fortress operation, the post-war reality as well as the contemporary role of the Silver Mountain Fortress,
👉Summer outdoor cinemas,
👉Temporary exhibitions and demonstrations of ancient crafts carried out in cooperation with the Norwegian partner @Fjellugla Kompetanse AS. 20-30 stands and/or re-enactments of ancient professions will be presented,
👉 Workshops and performances of kamishibai theatre for children from kindergartens and primary school classes for all institutions of the Stoszowice municipality,
👉 Wood-burning shows,
👉The Fears of Silver Mountain – a game pit of creating mobile field games based on the history of the fortress for young people from schools in the municipality,
👉Nature in the Fortress – presentations of crafts, local artists and natural products of the region.
And did you know that before the Second World War, the inhabitants of Silver Mountain created a play by the People’s Theatre on the history of Silver Mountain. It showed the history of the town from its foundation through mining and the fortress, and later the tourist boom of the area at the turn of the 20th century. After several decades, we will recreate this project, involving local residents, current and former scouts of the Wałbrzych Scout troop, who developed the area in the 1980s by organising the “Silver Mountain” action. We will provide a scriptwriter, director and a person to record the video of the premiere performance.
It’s going to happen‼‼

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Together we are working towards a green, competitive and inclusive Europe.
The project ‘Revitalisation for cultural and educational purposes of degraded and inaccessible parts of the Silver Mountain Fortress Historical Monument’ is implemented within the framework of the EEA Financial Mechanism 2014-2021.

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