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Fortress Day

We invite you to the XIVTH TRADITIONAL FESTIVAL in Srebrna Góra!
Saturday (June 9th) is a day of exceptional attractions in Srebrna Góra fortress. The main point of the programme is the reconstruction of the great historical BITCH of 1807 with participation of over 170 soldiers and women marquettes!

In the main fort DONJON before the battle there will be a FORT FESTIVAL! The program includes workshops and culinary demonstrations in a large frying pan with a final snack for all spectators, competitions and games for the public, Soldier Tournament and Regional Products Fair. And all this in the company of soldiers from different parts of the world, who will camp in the Silver Mountain Fortress until dawn!

From 10:00 am we invite all Guests to visit the fortifications, and from 12:00 pm to take part in the Fortress Festival and visit the soldier camp. The reconstruction of the 1807 battle will take place at approx. 16:30.

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