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Last moments of vacation!

Ostatnie Chwile wakacji

Howdy cats! 🐱 Who will admit to scoring a stroke at the pool or innocently becoming a snack for mosquitoes? 😅 The end of the vacation begins to chase you? Camping with drunken neighbors becomes too absurd? We have the perfect recipe for you for a special end of rest! Welcome to our green oasis of tranquility – Silver Mountain Fortress. Here are the last moments of your vacation in the Fortress!

There, among the picturesque nature, you can catch the sun’s rays or sink into the cool walls of the Fortress. The last moments of your vacation deserve special memories! Stop by to end this period like a true hero. 🌳🏰 #LastMomentsofHoliday #FortressSilver Mountain.

Together we are working towards a green, competitive and inclusive Europe.  

The project ‘Revitalisation for cultural and educational purposes of degraded and inaccessible parts of the Silver Mountain Fortress Historical Monument’ is implemented within the framework of the EEA Financial Mechanism 2014-2021. 

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