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Nature in the Fortress

Natura w twierdzy

Nature at the Silver Mountain Fortress: We live in harmony with ecology! 🌿🏰

Get ready for an amazing journey into the land of ecological experiences! 🌎🌱 On 13 August 2023, the Silver Mountain Fortress becomes an arena for lovers of nature, ecology and handicrafts. This event not only opens up new opportunities for outdoor activities, but also pays homage to the harmony between man and the surrounding world. 🌼🌳

Deepen your relationship with nature! 🌿🌻

There is no shortage of inspiring workshops for everyone and a picnic of regional and organic products on the programme of this ecological festival. 🎨🌽 Join us for “natural” workshops, where you will discover the secrets of wood carving, ceramics, wood firing and the creation of ecological paceline characters. 🌱🔨

Come to the Silver Mountain Fortress on 13 August 2023 and enjoy a full set of activities for everyone, from toddlers to seniors. 🎉👶👴 May this unique event inspire you to an even deeper understanding and respect for our beautiful planet! 🌍🌟

Deepen your relationship with nature! 🌿🌳
Event details: 🌐📅

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