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Secrets of the Fortress

“Treasures here great, only buried. No one knows where to look for them. People say that there is plenty of riches here”. Such was the opening of a press report entitled “Góra tajemnic” (The Mountain of Secrets) by Jerzy Woydyłło in a magazine. “The mountain of mysteries” by Jerzy Woydyłło in the magazine “Dookoła Świata” (No. 24, 1957). (no 24, 1957), the first issue of which appeared on 1 January 1954.

The word “treasure” has an effect on people’s imagination as it is associated with riches which can also become their property.

As can be seen from the first words of the report, the author was prompted to take up the subject by letters to the editor. So there must have been many of them. The description of the events itself sounds like a fairy tale: “One day at dawn, heavily laden cars rumbled. Soldiers in SS uniforms ran around the houses. It was strictly forbidden to go out on the street, to look out of the windows under penalty of death. Trucks were piling up all day long. They disappeared in the bastions and did not come back. How do we know this. The cars were supposed to carry works of art from European museums, gold bars, old Wrocław archives, etc. How much truth there is in this quoted story, unfortunately, is unknown today. In the report there appears a mysterious Mr Helmut, an autochthon, the only person who knows the stronghold in Silver Mountain, who had already suggested the authorities to undertake the search. Only once it was decided to do so and, according to the author, soldiers unearthed three huge sealed trunks, which were taken to Wrocław and never heard from again. An important person is the silent village leader, whose house one of the walls was decorated with a panorama of the fortress, supposedly on its back a map of the hiding place of the treasure was drawn. And again, nothing. The mystery remained a mystery. But the reportage was good and there were two color photos of the fortress from 1957.

The project “Revitalization for cultural and educational purposes of degraded and inaccessible parts of the Silver Mountain Fortress Historical Monument” is realized within the framework of the EEA Financial Mechanism for 2014-2021.

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