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Shotgun Sunday

You cannot miss it! On September 19, Polish, Prussian and Austrian artillery will appear at the Srebna Gora Fortress. And by no means will the troops come to admire the phenomenal mountain views. As part of the Exhibition Sunday, they will show you what it meant to be an artilleryman.

You will see and experience a 12-pound cannon, among other things.

During the event, troops will present:

  • Grenadiers and artillery of the Polish-Italian Legion from Nysa – Polish artillery
  • Javornická Delostrelecka Garda from Javorník, Czech Republic – Austrian artillery
  • Fortress Artillery of Kłodzko Fortress – Prussian artillery

There will be plenty of gunshots as well

Co-organizer of the Shooting Sunday is Srebrna Góra Historical Shooting Range.

We invite you!

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