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Adventure tours

An offer for adults combining training and fun. Participants in the “Visiting with adventure” impersonate a Prussian soldier, all in the atmosphere of the largest mountain fortress in Europe. The activities are led by a guide dressed in a uniform from the Napoleonic era and equipped with a replica of a black-powder gun.

The programme includes

  • conscription of recruits for service in the fortress
  • demonstration of making charges and obtaining black powder
  • learning the drill of the epoch
  • demonstration of corporal punishment used in the Prussian army (the tour participants take part)
  • cannonball on a cheer
  • demonstration of firing a rocket pistol or musket
  • refreshment with mulled wine in a heated casemate
  • comprehensive tour of the fortress

Sightseeing time

approx. 2.5 hours


80 PLN/person


Minimum 20 persons

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