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Cannon package

Did the artilleryman have good hearing? How many times in one minute could a cannon be fired? How far did a cannon charge fly? We know all this and would be happy to share our knowledge with you, and maybe even to enlist you in an artillery unit…

There will certainly be plenty of shooting attractions:

  • description of the defence;
  • description of the artillery position with barracks, presentation of the
    shooting pens;
  • tour of the above-ground parts of the fortress, tour in the ground level;
    underground casemates with a well drilled in the rock and a reconstructed tramping wheel;
  • discussion of the principles of black-powder weapon operation
  • demonstration of loading and firing the replica of an 18th century cannon

Sightseeing time

approx. 1.5 hours


regular ticket: 50 zł
reduced ticket: 40 zł


Bonfire with sausages: 22 PLN/person
Organised groups - min. 20 persons

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