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Twierdza Srebrna Góra

Fortress game

Which side will you be on? Two camps: the French-Polish and the anti-French coalition. Both with a sincere desire to dominate. The competition will require incredible cunning, strategy, knowledge and skill. Participants will stand on the battlefield, take part in skirmishes, and will have to complete missions in the field. Some will take on the role of historical figures.

The programme includes:

  • games of skill
  • logical tasks
  • learning about the history of the Fortress
  • searching for a hidden treasure
  • presentation of black-powder weapons
  • cannon shot
  • visiting fortifications


An interesting proposal for primary and secondary schools.

Sightseeing time

approx. 3 hours


70 PLN/person


Groups of children and young people
Minimum 20 people
One chaperone per 10 people for free
Bonfire with sausages: 20 PLN/person

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