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Twierdza Srebrna Góra

Geographical Walk

Geography in the outdoors.

Yes, with us it is possible!

A map, compass and telescope will help you on this unique excursion. Participants will get to know the Fortress and the area around Silver Mountain in an original way.

The panorama stretching from the crown of the Donjon is captivating, and during this interesting class trip you will get to know the Sudeten foothills and the Kłodzko Valley. And with the help of a telescope you will be able to see more distant places such as the Sky Tower in Wrocław. The whole of Lower Silesia at your fingertips.

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35 zł/os.

Czas zwiedzania

ok. 1 godzina


min 20 osób, max 30 osób
(wiek od 7 lat )

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