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Twierdza Srebrna Góra

Hidden Deposit

The end of the Second World War, German soldiers are preparing to leave the Fortress. Time is pressing. They certainly won’t be able to take everything with them. Convinced that they will soon return, they hide a mysterious deposit in the cellars of the Fortress, which has still not been found.

Become a treasure hunter!

Equipped with clues and the necessary equipment, you will set off into the underground corridors. Perhaps you will be the one to discover the treasure?

Great fun for big and small. Organised groups and school trips of all ages are welcome. Spend a special time searching for hidden treasures. A brand new active form of spending time in one of Lower Silesia’s biggest tourist attractions.

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Sightseeing time

approx. 1.5 hours


45 PLN/person


min 20 persons, max 30 persons
(age from 7 years )

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