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Guided tours

The package includes

  • meeting a soldier of the 33rd Historical Silver Mountain Regiment;
  • a visit to the Donjon, underground casemates, water intake with a well (carved in the rock) and the intake mechanism, underground drawbridge, crossing the deepest moat in Poland (29 m high) and the enchanting ruins of a military lazarette partially blown up in 1879 as part of tests of new weapons.


Adults, children and teenagers will also learn about the entire range of fortress artillery used to defend the fortress, including a replica of the largest cannon in Silesia. The life and service of soldiers over two hundred years ago will also be shown. All the attractions have been prepared in such a way as not to tire and bore the visitors, but on the contrary, to allow them to move back to the times of the 18th century functioning of the mountain fortress.


  • Black-arms shooting demonstration.


A tour of the fortress starts in the Lower Bastion – Niederbastion, where a guide awaits tourists and the tourist route begins. Visitors are acquainted with the history of the fortress and the reasons for its construction. After passing through the Eagle Gate we go to the casemates with the exhibition of the fortress artillery, uniforms and equipment of soldiers from the period of the military functioning of the Fortress, including hand firearms. The next stage of the tour includes a passage to a room with bunks, tiled cookers and a model showing the vastness of the facility. The unique point of the tour is the descent to the well casemate with the exhibition of the well and the mechanism of the promenade wheel. Going down through the drawbridge and the moat you get to the exposition – the Fortress as a place of testing new military technology, where the model of the Horn Works is located. Earlier, a guide presents a description of the black-powder weapon used by the Prussian army in the Napoleonic era, which ends with a demonstration of musket firing.

In addition to the guided tour, tourists can visit the accessible places individually. A particularly interesting place is the viewing terrace on the crown of the Donjon. Here the tourists are in for a real treat, for which it was worth overcoming the effort of climbing the Silver Mountain Fortress. From the crown we can see the panorama of the Opawskie Mountains, the Śnieżnik Massif. Closer, the wooded ridges of the Bardzkie and Sowie Mountains rise up.   In addition to the trails with guided tours, we provide access to the Novovaya Bastion with a photo gallery, an armoury with a thematic exhibition of the Fortress, artillery ramps, an exhibition on the silver adit discovered in 2015 located on the Lower Bastion.

Sightseeing time

approx. 1h 10m


Normalny: 40 zł
Ulgowy: 30 zł
Children up to 4 years old: free

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