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Night tour

We will take you back to the times of the 18th century wars. The unique atmosphere of mountain fortifications, the presentation and firing of black-velvet weapons, the recruitment and enlistment of recruits into the regiment, the magical night panorama of the area – these are just some of the attractions we have prepared for you.

What can you do to take part in the night tour? Just call 74 818 00 99 (between 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.) and book a date by giving your phone number, name and town. 

After booking, tickets will be available at the box office, which opens 20 minutes before the start of the night tour. We recommend arriving a little earlier so that after buying the tickets you can see the views from a height of 685 m above sea level.

*Night Sightseeing takes place every Saturday throughout the year after gathering a minimum group of 20 people. On the day of the Night Sightseeing, it is possible to park your car on the mountain by the Fortress.

It is possible to organise night tours with guaranteed catering for organised groups. However, this requires prior arrangement – tel. 74 818 00 99, e-mail: The cost of such a service consists of the ticket price (PLN 55 per person) and the price of catering (depending on the expectations of the ordering party).

Sightseeing time

approx. 2 hours


55 PLN per person


Reservation compulsory

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