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All the way forward

Gnamy do przodu z remontem niedostępnych dziś części Twierdzy Srebrnogórskiej!

We are rushing forward all the time with the renovation of the now inaccessible parts of the Srebrnogórska Fortress.

The weather is not making our task any easier, but our hearts are warm because the work has been going on for more than a year and… there is light in the tunnel… and not just one 😊

The main task is to regain the communication between the Donjon and the Horn Works, in addition to the reconstruction of the bridges, the great work is intensified within the two gates and poterns – the Upper Bastion and the Horn Works.

The stone and brick gates have largely been turned by years of disuse into a substrate for a lush jungle. There are upsides too – our goats are already sharpening their fangs for the endless layers of bark to eat from the trees. What is certain is that we already need to double the number of our mowers.

From April 2024, we will double the historic space and visitor attractions.
We have a lot of work ahead of us in brick, gneiss, sandstone and wood, because in addition to the gates, tunnels, and bridges, we will restore the peacetime chessboard buildings on the Esplanade. There, in addition to a machine park that will show how the walls of the fortress were built, you will be able to take part in workshops. We are also planning craft demonstrations restoring old casemate equipment. A strategic place will be created in the building next door – a loo with showers. On the Esplanade we are also planning a so-called Glamping, a place where you can stay overnight in an officer’s tent. It will be possible to enjoy some fresh air with a view of the Śnieżnik massif.

During the winter, we managed to catch up on work in the interiors of the Cavalier and Lazaret of the Upper Bastion. Most of the cavities in the walls and vaults are ready for the final part – cosmetics. And this is not easy after all – to preserve the spirit of the building and the rather large area of restored walls made of “new” although size-wise the same bricks. We also managed to install most of the plumbing and electrical installations – most of them hidden so as not to disturb the atmosphere of the monument.

Some of the solutions are subject to change on an ongoing basis due to the deconstruction of further walls, rooms, drainage channels, etc. Archaeological supervisors and experts in the “speech of the walls” have their brains full, so as not to create the completed walls but to strive for their reliable restoration….

Sound scientific? The topics are challenging, which is why we advise, support and confer with the Lower Silesian Provincial Conservator of Monuments and the staff of fortress-maniacs. You can sign up, there are free places.

Take a look at the photos. As they say – here is stubble for now, but there will be Silberberg 1777.
That is to say, you enter and move back in time for a whole day.

This is how we see it 😊

The project entitled Revitalisation for cultural and educational purposes of degraded and inaccessible parts of the Silver Mountain Fortress Historical Monument has received funding from the Culture Programme of the European Economic Area Mechanism 2014-2021, Measure 1. Improving cultural heritage management, Sub-measure 1.1. Restoration and revitalisation of cultural heritage.

Together we are working towards a green, competitive and inclusive Europe.

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