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Beer and cheese festival on schedule

We would like to inform you that the Fortress is now normally open for our visitors. The only inconvenience is that some of the higher rooms are being ozonized to remove the unpleasant smell.

Saturday’s 4th Beer and Cheese Festival will take place as scheduled.


A few words of explanation…

In the shooting range, despite having fire inspections and equipment and fireproofing wooden parts, there was an inflammation of the rubber chips of the shooting range after one of the shots. The bullet probably hit the head of a nail.

The fire was fueled by a fan, which is always on during firing. The fire therefore spread very quickly and unfortunately resulted in the total destruction of the shooting range room – operated by an outside company.

The historical shooting range is located in the lowest floor of the Donjon and is not connected to other rooms where the fire could have spread. Apart from the equipment of the shooting range and the sooting of the bricks, nothing else was affected.

The menacing-looking smoke came mainly from the historic smoke ducts. It was through them that the Fire Brigade first administered the extinguishing agents. Then, due to the very high temperature, an attempt was made to extinguish from the inside. The action of firemen lasted about 5 hours – in it participated units of State Fire Service from Ząbkowice Śląskie and Nowa Ruda, Voluntary Fire Service from Stoszowice, Tarnów, Budzów and Przedborowa.

We are fortunate that the local units are familiar with our facility, and thanks to the annual exercises they quickly entered (it’s not that easy) the Donjon area and started rescue operations. The smoke of burning wood and rubber balloon required continuous use of oxygen equipment. Firemen were changing every few minutes in direct extinguishing of the interiors, due to the very high temperature (the shooting range was like a bread oven, which kept the temperature for a very long time).

We have a lot of respect for you and once again we sincerely thank you for your action!

Currently the cause of the fire is being investigated by specialists.

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