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We are regaining the link to the west!

Connection to the West - Silver Mountain Fortress

We are regaining the link to the west!

After long months of restoration work, we have managed to open a path through the postern of the Upper Bastion of the Silver Mountain Fortress. This is a huge step forward, as we have thus restored the passage to the now inaccessible parts – the Horn Works. The connection to the west is going in the right direction.

The conservation work is not over yet, but there are only a few steps ahead.

We are waiting for the reconstruction of the vault, the dosdan (a brick gabled roof that facilitates the drainage of water seeping through the soil layer applied to the waterproof vault) and the damp proofing. In addition, we need to complete the guide for the fortress grating, which further protected the passage.

We have also prepared ‘mega concrete’ topics.
We need to rebuild the outer gate, the inner gate including the gates (500 kg a piece) and the subsequent bridges of the Silver Mountain Fortress.

It takes a lot of work and effort, but we are up for the challenge.

Have any of you been to the other side before the renovation?

If so, you have certainly noticed how important this investment is.

The new tour will open as early as April 2024 (yes yes, our era 😉 ).
This is undoubtedly going to be one of the most interesting attractions of Lower Silesia in 2024!

We are very excited and proud that we will have the opportunity to present these unique monuments to tourists from all over the world. This is not only an important step towards preserving our cultural heritage, but also an opportunity to discover the fascinating history of Lower Silesia and its people.

We can’t wait to open our doors to all those craving a new and unforgettable experience.

Projekt pt. Rewaloryzacja dla potrzeb kulturalno-edukacyjnych zdegradowanych i niedostępnych części Pomnika Historii Twierdzy Srebrna Góra otrzymał dofinansowanie z Programu „Kultura” Mechanizmu Europejskiego Obszaru Gospodarczego 2014-2021, działanie 1. Poprawa zarządzania dziedzictwem kulturowym, poddziałanie 1.1. Restauracja i rewitalizacja dziedzictwa kulturowego. 

Wspólnie działamy na rzecz Europy zielonej, konkurencyjnej i sprzyjającej integracji społecznej. 

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