Fortress of Legends – falconry demonstrations

It’s true that the gentleman in the graphic looks pretty cool (or rather witchy)⚔️ This is not some random picture of a model. Well, this gentleman’s name is Krzysztof Szumski and he’s a falconer in flesh and blood – will you be able to see him in Srebrna Góra during the Stronghold of Legends? What […]

Fortress of Legends – Tomasz Duszyński

Tomasz Duszyński, the author of, among others, excellent detective stories -retro Glatz, will talk about legends of the Strzelin land. And he knows a lot about it, because he is also the co-author of a book devoted to it. It will be interesting – we have no doubt about that! And maybe it will turn […]

Fortress of Legends – Joanna Lamparska

Few people know as much about the mysteries of Lower Silesia as Joanna Lamparska. In numerous publications she presents unusual places and their mysterious stories (such as Tajemnicze underground, Dolina Królów. Castles and palaces at the foot of Karkonosze, unusual places around Wroclaw, Ślęża for explorers, Złoty pociąg. A short history of madness, This house […]

Fortress of Legends – Slavic Village

How our ancestors lived many centuries ago. You will find out thanks to Team Sleigh from Będkowice, who will set up a Slavic village at the Stronghold of Legends in Srebrna Góra. You will find there the natural world of the Slavs, the world of Slavic herbs, a leatherworking workshop, an archery site and a […]

Fortress of Legends – a museum puzzle box

The Museum of Household Appliances in Ziębice is the only institution in Poland specializing in this field. The Ziębice museum successfully combines the function of a specialist and regional museum, and presents its rich collections on 10 permanent exhibitions.

Fortress of Legends – meeting with the sorceress

Legends often include supernatural things attributed to higher powers. Perhaps this is because there was no other way of explaining certain phenomena in the past. However, it is possible that there once lived (and still live) among humans characters who mastered the art of magic. They cast spells, incantations, weighed potions, looked into the future… […]

Fortress of Legends – Table Mountain – a land born of the sea

Table Mountain National Park is a magical area where nature creates wonderful stories. And where nature carves its wonders, beliefs, legends and sacred places are also created. A very interesting journey awaits us. We will learn about the prehistory of the Park, we will look into places that are normally inaccessible. And all this during […]

August 1, 8, 14, 22, 29 – night tour of the fortress

On August 1, 8, 14, 22, 29 at 9 p.m. Night tours of the Silver Mountain Stronghold begin. Whoever feels like it (and it is worth it!) should book a place by calling 74 818 00 99 or 74 660 46 16 or writing an e-mail to: Ticket price: 35 PLN And answers to […]