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Cadet tour

The best soldier is a trained soldier. The earlier the training starts, the better the effects will be – and thus the stronger the army. That is why we start very early and put young cadets into the gears of our officer course, where they acquire special knowledge and skills under the watchful eye of […]

Group night tour

We will take you back to the times of the 18th century wars. The unforgettable atmosphere of a mountain fortification, the presentation and firing of black-velvet weapons, recruitment and enlistment in the regiment, a march through casemates illuminated only by the light of torches, the magical night panorama of the area – these are just […]

Adventure tours

An offer for adults combining training and fun. Participants in the “Visiting with adventure” impersonate a Prussian soldier, all in the atmosphere of the largest mountain fortress in Europe. The activities are led by a guide dressed in a uniform from the Napoleonic era and equipped with a replica of a black-powder gun. The programme […]

Cannon package

Did the artilleryman have good hearing? How many times in one minute could a cannon be fired? How far did a cannon charge fly? We know all this and would be happy to share our knowledge with you, and maybe even to enlist you in an artillery unit… There will certainly be plenty of shooting […]

Fortress game

Which side will you be on? Two camps: the French-Polish and the anti-French coalition. Both with a sincere desire to dominate. The competition will require incredible cunning, strategy, knowledge and skill. Participants will stand on the battlefield, take part in skirmishes, and will have to complete missions in the field. Some will take on the […]

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